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Handrails Stainless Steel

Okay, we’ll admit something, our team here at Dark Horse love working with stainless steel. They love the delicate work and the time it takes to make a beautiful weld because the results are so visually appeasing. Welding and working with stainless steel is an art form and takes many, many years of practice to get it right. If your job requires stainless steel work, please let our team assist you. We have seen too many people take the “it will be easy approach” only to come to us when it doesn’t go quiet right.

Dark Horse Engineering fabricate and install stainless steel handrails all across South East QLD on a weekly basis. All of our stainless steel handrails meet either BCA or AS1428.1 requirements and are a great alternative to galvanised steel handrails. Stainless steel fabrication is more expensive as it takes longer to work with and the metal itself is also more expensive, however the results are beautiful.

Our team of qualified Boilermakers fabricate and install stainless steel handrails all over Brisbane and work on projects for:

  • Schools
  • Body Corporates
  • The Government
  • Shopping Centres and many more.

We would only recommend 316 or higher grade stainless steel otherwise after time your stainless steel piece will gradually start producing brown stained rust spots called tea stained.

Let our team help you with your next stainless steel handrail project.