“At Dark Horse Engineering, we have over 20 years experience in the Welding , Metal Fabrication and Installation industry”


So, who is Dark Horse Engineering? We are a local family business based in the South East Queensland suburb of Capalaba and service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. We love what we do and believe that we are different to other businesses. Before we started Dark Horse Engineering we asked each other (my Wife and I) what qualities do we love about other businesses and on the other end of the sliding scale, what do we loath. We came up with the quiet a few things but really wanted to narrow them down and make them the foundation of our business. So, we decided that the following key qualities is what we would strive to do exceptionally well…. always.

We expect any business or company that we deal with to provide a reliable service, whether it be a local Tradesman or a large tel co company. We hear so many stories of people that have been let down by other company’s  and I must admit as a small business owner,  I  find it quiet disheartening. Once you have been let down by one business you start to assume that all businesses and Tradesman alike are the same. Dark Horse Engineering is not the same. It simply comes down to the old saying our parents installed into us as children “treat others the way you want to be treated” Why shouldn’t that saying be carried over into the way a business is conducted….that is our mission!

Our Mobile Welding Brisbane based Welder caters to all size projects. From small repairs to large scale projects, we are sure to assist you with your welding and fabrication requirements.

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