What are stair stringers?

Stair stringers are the sections on both sides of a set of stairs. They are what hold the step treads together which ultimately creates the risers and goings on a set of stairs.

Dark Horse Engineering can help.

Dark Horse Engineering fabricate, install and send customised hot dipped galvanised stair stringers for projects all over Australia. Some jobs can be fairly standard but in our experience most projects require customised stringers. This may be for many reasons but as an example you may have a client that likes their step treads to be quiet deep. We can accommodate to this request within reason, however there are strict codes to abide by. Dark Horse Engineering adhere to all Australian Standards and NCC standards. These rules dictate how wide, high and deep your step treads can be. We hot dip galvanise all of our stair stringers for longevity.

A Site Certifier or Engineer will not sign off on your project if it doesn’t meet standards.

From Schools to warehouses we can provide you with customised stair stringers and steps and help you along your way with your project. Give us a call today so we can help you.